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Cupar Amateur Musical Society (CAMS) and Cupar Youth Musical Theatre (CYMT) put on their shows their performances within Cupar Corn Exchange.  The CAMS annual show takes place in the first week of February whilst the CYMT annual show takes place mid November.  CAMS also put on a fund raiser in May each year.  To keep costs down, rehearsals are usually outwith the Corn Exchange until a month or so to go at which time cast and crew get a weekly rehearsal on stage.

CAMS / CYMT Lighting equipment.

The use of hired in DMX controlled lighting fixtures for Hello Dolly opened eyes to the benefits of modern lighting technology... a bit of a jump from the 1970's lighting fixtures, which still serve well.  However having been accustomed to operating 24 channels/circuits there was a bit of a learning curve dealing with new LED fixtures which were using anything between 7 and 14 channels per fixture.  Currently we use around 330 channels... way beyond the capabilities of our Strand 200 console.  Hence the move to using QLC+ running on computer.  Another learning curve... but at least a lot of the scenes and cues plotting can be devised and programmed in the comfort of home...

CYMT's production of High School Musical,
November 2018
CAMS in Concert,
May 2019


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