Stage Lighting (pages under construction April 2018)


I was introduced to Stage Lighting at the start or 3rd year at Kirkcaldy High School (Thank you Ross Mitchell, my Chemistry teacher for years 3, 4, 5 & 6).  This interest / involvement has endured and I still help the two local Musical Theatre Companies in Cupar: Cupar Amateur Musical Society (CAMS) and Cupar Youth Musical Theatre (CYMT), with their performances at Cupar Corn Exchange.

Cupar Corn Exchange.

To all intents and purposes the Corn Exchange is Cupar's town hall.  It is owned and operated by Fife Council and plays hosts to most of the larger functions in the town... as well as weekly coffee mornings in the lower hall on a Saturday morning. 
The upper hall can seat around 350 and has a basic theatrical stage about 9.8m wide by 5.7m deep
Corn Exchange stage, from the hall
Corn Exchange Stage

There are a number of scenery cloth tracks suspended from the stage roof as well as three light bars.  Bar one is used for hanging lights as it bar two whilst bar three is permanently used to suspend an old tri-colour batten to give some cyclorama coverage on the back cloths.

There is one light bar suspended from the hall ceiling and this carries the Front of House lighting capacity, augmented by two bars mounted at the side of the hall.

Corn Exchange Stage lighitng bars


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