Fife Constabulary

You used to be able to link through to the Official Fife Constabulary Web Site, but the Fife Force was subsumed by the single Scottish Force on 1st April 2013 (some might think this an appropriate date!).

During the middle ages a succession of Thanes (Knights) kept order in Fife on behalf of the Kings of Scotland.  The "Thane of Fife" is an emblem which was adopted by Fife County Constabulary in the 19th century. This emblem has since come to be regarded as the traditional badge of Fife Constabulary

Thane of Fife

However in the 50th Anniversary year of the Formation of Fife Constabulary (1999) out of...
  • Fife County Constabulary,
  • Kirkcaldy Burgh Police and
  • Dunfermline City Police,

...the Force was granted its own coat of arms by the Lord Lyon, King of Arms.  If you look closely at the centre of the shield in the new coat of arms you will see the "Thane" has been retained, albeit in a vastly reduced scale.

Force Crest, 1999

I was fortunate enough to be charged with policing St. Andrews (what must be the "jewel in Fife's Crown") and the surrounding 150 square miles of the east of East Fife, between 16-DEC-1996 and 03-SEP-2000. This role was somewhat a mixture of two facets of policing with some problems akin to television's "The Bill" and others akin to "Heartbeat."

Saltire (St. Andrews

The St. Andrews area is internationally renowned as the "Home of Golf," however there is a lot more to St. Andrews than its famous Links Courses...  There are a few associated Web Sites one can look at to get the flavour of the area. You will also find links to related sites through the following...

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I do not intend reproducing various facts and figures or "company policy," if you have an interest in these aspects try "Google."


Guarding the Kingdom


Last Posting:
04-SEP-2000 to 24-SEP-2005

Public Safety Radio Communications Service, Project Manager and Force (Airwave) Liaison Officer. For details see AIRWAVE.

I used to maintain the Project details here but latterly it did not make sense to update my web pages.  The Force's intranet pages and the Force's internet pages died along with the Fife Force.


Force Identity Change?

At the end of 2001 the then Chief Constable, Peter Wilson, commissioned a Force Logo to be used as part of the Force's corporate image. The Logo, which incorporates the Force Crest, is shown below.  As the years have gone by the Force is moving more and more away from being Fife Constabulary and closer to becoming Fife Police.  A good thing if one is a foreign tourist who should understand POLICE as opposed to CONSTABULARY, but maybe I am just old fashioned.  Just like the soldiers of the Scottish Regiments, which were amalgamated and renamed, there is a sense of tradition with Fife Constabulary... I hope this does not die completely during the changes.

I spoke too soon.  1st April (good choice of date) 2013 saw Police Scotland take over the then 8 Scottish Police Forces.

Force Logo


Beyond September 2005...

My 30 years police service concluded on 24th September 2005.  Will I publish the "Real Fife Constabulary" on my web site?  Maybe... maybe not, but in any case whilst I promoted the reputation for being eccentric (a good mask for 30 years) I am not daft enough to say anything to embarrass the Force hierarchy ... or am I???

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