MG Midget

My Car ownership and driving has almost gone full circle with  return to the MG Marque.  My 1970 Midget had been sold in 1979 when Eli and I "moved up" to the MGB GT.  I was reasonably proficient at servicing and maintenance on the Midget (in the late 70s) and had carried out most of the common jobs such as engine rebuild, engine & gearbox removal, front & rear suspension rebuilds etc.  However this was "in my youth" and I had never worked on a "Rubber Bumpered" Midget.  Nevertheless the body work, brakes and suspension are basically the same other than the ride height is a wee bit higher.  But the engine and gearbox are different to the old A-Series engine an its gearbox.

Well although its a Triumph engine, its still a similar design... 4-cylinders, chain driven cam in the block activating push-rods up to rockers which activate the inlet and exhaust valves, Lucas type 45 distributor with vacuum advance / retard; twin SU carburettors... and after all at least this gearbox has synchromesh in 1st !

Offside View with the Hardtop fitted.

Front View

Cockpit from above

Rear View
Engine Bay: Work so far...
  • Lumenition Optronic Ignition & Coil
  • Alloy Rocker Cover
  • Breather hoses
  • Ignition Leads, Distributor Cap and Rotor Arm
  • Supplementary fuse box
  • Radiator Grille

I have fitted a new rear panel and mounted a couple of Sony loud speakers in to this, routing the cables under the cockpit carpets and through to the dashboard where I have fitted a JVC Radio / CD Player.  The "stereo" & speakers had previously been in my son's Citroen AX, but I "bought" them from him as his Corsa has a factory fitted Radio/CD player and speakers.  The JVC unit is quite nice and more than loud enough for the small cockpit of the Midget when the roof is up or hardtop fitted.  Actually its more than loud enough with the roof off/folded down, irrespective of cruising speed!  Additionally I have fitted a "cigarette lighter" power socket so I can power additional items such as my GPS or mobile phone charger .

2020 Update:

Well, sadly due to a lack of time, the Midget did not cover any road miles from summer 2010 until autumn 2020, however it was safely stored in the dry and as a result once out on the road again, after a quick wash, it looks just as good as ever...


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The details of the 2020 work are recorded on a separate page...

This page is still under construction, but will house further details of the Midget in due course...

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