Austria 2015

The Party:-

Team Photo
As above... Rennie, Steve, Jeff, Ken, Andrew & Iain


The main towns / areas are shown for the tours, not every left and right turn, nor every coffee stop.

Sunday 21st June 2015

Leave Cupar mid morning to head to Edinburgh then Gordon to meet up with a couple of team members before heading to Cramlington to meet the rest of the team for lunch before boarding the Newcastle Ferry for the overnight crossing to Ijmuiden, Holland.

{short description of
                    image} DFDS Seaways


160 miles to ferry

Monday 22nd June 2015

Ferry terminal Ijmuiden, head off through The Netherlands into Germany for B&B in Hockenheim.

{short description of
                    image} ACHAT Comfort Mannheim / Hockenheim

324 daily mileage

Note: UK Fuel far cheaper than Dutch prices so fill to the brim in Newcastle and aim for Germany as the next fill.

Hockenheim Achat

Tuesday 23rd June

Leave Hockenheim, Germany for Landeck in Tyrol in Austria.... However we stopped off at the Sinsheim Technical Museum - well worth a visit.

Again Autobahn for most of the route to enter Austria on the E532 near Fussen, then Fern Pass and onto Landeck, our tour base for 7 days.
                  description of image} Enzian Hotel, Landeck


253 daily mileage

Only a 15 minute ride from our overnight accommodation near the Hockenheim Race Circuit, is the Sinsheim Auto & Technical Museum.  Only 14 for a day ticket.  We only had a couple of hours to spare, but well worth setting aside half a day if not a full day to see the MANY exhibits.
                  description of image} Sinsheim Museum.

Wednesday 24th June

Austria day 2.... The tours begin.

Landeck - Imst - Otzal - Solden - St. Leonard - Jaufenpass - Vipeteno - Brennerpass - Innsbruck - Landeck.

Closed minor roads (rain wash out) meant the route via Arzal (outward) and Kuhtai (inward) were not possible.


188 daily mileage


Thursday 25th June

Austria day 3....

Landeck - Nauders - Rechenpass - Mals - Spondigna - Stelvio - Bormio - Foscagno Pass - Livigno - Tunnel dal Gall - Zernez - Scuol - Martina - Landeck.

170 daily mileage

The original plan had been to tackle the Stelvio (Stifler Joch) from east to west then turn north through Umbrailpass to Sta Maria then west through the Ofenpass to Zernez, however the snow gates / border crossing was closed dues to Avalanche risk - according to the sign, so the Livigno loop was taken as the alternative.

Friday 26th June

Austria day 4...

Landeck - Prutz - Kaunteraler Gletscher - Landeck.


66 daily mileage

A short run/day but one of my favourite runs through a variety of bends and scenery and as the route has a toll and only goes to the Ski area, it is relatively traffic free during the summer.  "Everyone" wants to ride/drive the Stelvio for example, which makes it rather busy, but on the plus side the less well known Passes and Alpine routes are quieter as a consequence.

Saturday 27th June

Austria day 5....
Landeck - Imst - Hehntenn-Joch - Boden - Elmen - Reutte - Ehrwald - Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Mittenwald - Seefeld - Telfs - Landeck.

132 daily mileage

Sunday 28th June

Austria day 6....
Landeck - St. Anton am Arlberg - Zurs - Flexenpass - Warth - Au - Damuls - Fontanella - Thuringen - Bludenz - Schruns - Silvretta - Ischgl - Landeck


  130 daily mileage

Monday 29th June

Austria day 7....

Landeck - Imst - Oetz - Solden - Highest Road in EU - Solden - Oetz - Kuhtai - Sellrain - Axams - Innsbrick - Landeck.

153 daily mileage

Tuesday 30th June

Leave Austria for B&B in Koblenz, Germany.

{short description of
                    image} Hotel Scholz

Mainly Autobahn once out of Austria.

354 daily mileage

Wednesday 1st July

Leave B&B Koblenz, Germany for Ijmuiden and overnight Ferry....

234 daily mileage

Thursday 2nd July

Leave Newcastle for home...

 156 daily mileage


Toll Costs etc (per motorcycle):-

Austrian Motorway Vignette - 5.00 (2015 price)
Timmelsjoch Pass - 12.00
Livigno Tunnnel - 12.00
Kauntertaler Ski road - 13.00
Silvretta Pass - 12.00
Oetzeler (to Solden ski area, highest road in EU) - 5.50

More Photos

For some more photos, have a look at my FaceBook Album of the trip... Austria 15 FaceBook Album

See also some of the Sinsheim Museum photos... Sinsheim Auto and Techincal Museum, FB Album

Fuel Use 

Decided not no bore folk with the usual breakdown.  Suffice it to say my R1200RT gave an average of 62 mpg over the 2,320 miles it covered on this trip... which is quite amazing considering my GPS shows the max speed on the German Autobahn was 140mph and many of the Alpine hairpins were 1st gear affairs.


I should state,  other as a paying guest, I have no connection with any of the accommodation I used on this trip, however I am happy to reply to any e-mail inquiries one might have about the routes, accommodation, tours etc. Nevertheless it should say something given this is tour/holiday number 4 based around a week at the Enzian Hotel, Landeck.

Klaus and the team at the Enzian, have prepared a Route Book for their guests and this sets out a number of suggested tours all based from Landeck.  I have completed most of them but am more than happy to revisit them... it's a great choice with all the "leg work" done in advance and available in a nice A5 Book.  To inspire you to visit this wonderful area you can view parts of the... Enzian Road Book. (with due acknowledgments to the Enzian team)

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