Eastern Europe 2009

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Sunday 13th September

Left Cupar mid morning to head to the Newcastle Ferry for tea time boarding and overnight crossing to Ijmuiden, Holland. Nice to be met by my son in Kirkcaldy as he then accompanies us into the Borders.  Odometer reading was 8626 miles and set off with a full tank of fuel.

{short description of image} DFDS Seaways


166 miles to ferry

Monday 14th September

Ferry terminal Ijmuiden and head for Bad Lauterberg in Harz Mountains, Germany. 3-night stay at...

{short description of image} Pension Roseneck

Very wet from German border to Harz

333 daily mileage

Note: UK Fuel far cheaper than Dutch prices so fill to the brim in Newcastle and aim for Germany as the next fill.

Tuesday 15th September

Touring from Bad Lauterberg in Hartz Mountains, Germany. Mist and low cloud made sigh seeing poor and roads were never dry... made the coffee & cake stops most welcome not to mention the evening meal and a few beers.


105 daily mileage

Wednesday 16th September

Touring from Bad Lauterberg in Hartz Mountains, Germany. Mine host (Gregory) led us for a wee tour of some cracking roads... not at the slowest pace.  Some series of bends up and down the hills had to be run in both directions... just to make sure we appreciated the run.  But finds such as this Castle up a farm track, would never have been reached w/o a local guide.


153 daily mileage


Thursday 17th September

Leave Bad Lauterberg in Hartz Mountains, Germany, to visit  Colditz Castle (fascinating POW Castle tour from very knowledgeable guide) then onto Dresden overnight.

{short description of image} Colditz Castle

{short description of image} Hotel Pesterwitzer Siegel


212 daily mileage

Friday 18th September

Dresden was visited thaks to our host at the Hotel who as a biker was keen to assist us.  The we were shown out of the city and pointed east to Poland and onward to Krakow, for 2-nights at...

{short description of image} Guest Rooms Antica


332 daily mileage

Note: tales of very poor roads in Poland had worried us but the motorway had been completely upgraded (EU cash?) and was virtually new for the first miles.

Saturday 19th September

Krakow, Poland.

Took public transport to visit Auschwitz. Interesting and moving visit, thankfully the weather was excellent so it was not as depressing as it might have been.

Krakow itself was nice but our whistle-stop tour itinerary did not allow for much other than two evenings exploring and dining out.


000 daily (motorcycle) mileage

Sunday 20th September

Leave Krakow for Tatranska Lominca, Slovak Republic, for 3-nights at...

{short description of image} Pension Slalom


97 daily mileage

Looks like the Austrian/Swiss Alps in many but w/o the Swiss price tags.


Monday 21st September

Touring from Tatranska Lominca, Slovak Republic


161 daily mileage

A tour back into Poland and around the north part of the Tatras.

Tuesday 22nd September

Touring from Tatranska Lominca, Slovak Republic


177 daily mileage

Some went walking, three of us went out on the bikes and headed south to explore.  Off the beaten track showed vast contrasts in living from the rural to city and from old Eastern Block Control to the part western modernisation.  Was nice to see the country before it has completely changed

Wednesday 23rd September

Leave Tatranska Lominca, Slovak Republic, for Buchlberg, Germany.  1-night at...

{short description of image}Hotel Zur Post


467 daily mileage

Another long day int he saddle and the shortest (in time) visit to Austria ever.

Thursday 24th September

Leave Buchlberg for Cochem, Germany.  1-night at...

{short description of image} Hotel Garni


398 daily mileage

More Autobahn miles but finished up with some nice good quality twisty roads near the Rhine onto the Mosel.

Friday 25th September

Leave Cochem, Germany for ferry at Ijmuiden and overnight ferry back to Newcastle. Route via craking twisty roads to the Nurburgring then remembering to fill in Gemany to get us through the Netherlands.


255 daily mileage


Saturday 26th September

Leave ferry at Newcastle for home (via Scottish Police College for IAM Examiners' meeting)


186 daily mileage



Fuel Use 

Date Odometer Trip Litres Gallons M.P.G. Cost
13-Sep-09 8781 138 11.91 2.62 52.67 12.73
14-Sep-09 8910 129 11.92 2.62 49.20 14.23
14-Sep-09 9024 114 10.99 2.42 47.16 13.22
15-Sep-09 9163 139 11.66 2.56 54.19 13.81
16-Sep-09 9258 95 8.40 1.85 51.41 10.25
17-Sep-09 9367 109 10.16 2.23 48.77 12.07
17-Sep-09 9537 170 14.84 3.26 52.08 17.78
18-Sep-09 9672 135 12.81 2.82 47.91 12.88
18-Sep-09 9795 123 11.85 2.61 47.19 11.72
20-Sep-09 9900 105 10.52 2.31 45.37 10.41
21-Sep-09 10066 166 12.63 2.78 59.75 14.08
22-Sep-09 10152 86 6.48 1.43 60.33 7.21
22-Sep-09 10315 163 11.56 2.54 64.10 12.86
23-Sep-09 10460 145 11.86 2.61 55.58 13.17
23-Sep-09 10601 141 12.08 2.66 53.06 14.19
23-Sep-09 10746 145 12.39 2.73 53.20 14.62
24-Sep-09 10891 145 12.24 2.69 53.85 15.47
24-Sep-09 11014 123 9.96 2.19 56.14 12.59
25-Sep-09 11168 154 13.09 2.88 53.48 16.35
25-Sep-09 11273 105 8.80 1.94 54.24 11.05
26-Sep-09 11425 152 13.18 2.90 52.43 13.83
26-Sep-09 11600 175 17.11 3.76 46.50 17.95



1.all costs shown have been converted to GBP from the actual Euro cost.

2. daily mileage taken from GPS readings not the bike odometer.  Bike Odo indicates a totals tour of 2,974 miles whilst GPS total was 3,035.  I am splitting the difference and calling it a tour of 3,000 miles.



I should state that other as a paying guest I have no connection with any of the accommodation I used on this trip, however I am happy to reply to any e-mail enquiries one might have about the routes, accommodation, tours etc.

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