R1200GS Adventure (30 yrs Anniversary Model)

Extra details etc:

  • Premium Package - Factory fitted Option
    - Chrome Exhaust
    - Electronic Suspension Adjustment
    - Handguards
    - Heated Handlebar Grips
    - L&R Pannier frames
    - LED Indicators
    - On-Board Computer with Oil Warning
    - Fog Lights

  • Dynamic Package - Factory fitted Option
    - ASC
    - Integral ABS (Partial)
    - Tyre Pressure Control

  • Aluminium Panniers & Top-box
  • Tank Bag
  • RAM, GPS mount and electrics
  • Alder Enterprises
    - Rear swinging arm crash bung
    - Front Axle crash bungs
    - Frame fillers

BMW R1200GS Adv



Service History:-




01 JULY 2010
Running in Service
02 NOV 2010
New front and rear tyres (were squaring off) Metz Tourance


I traded the bike into my BMW dealer (Motorrad Central - Dalkeith) on 5th November 2010 with 5,140 miles on the odometer.  During the 4 months I owned/ran the bike I used 473 litres of fuel working out as a lifetime averaged fuel consumption of 48.57m.p.g.  Best m.p.g. was 52.73 and worst 45.72 and the engine oil was topped up by 250ml at 4,500 miles.  A great machine but I go the offer of a K1300GT SE and was tempted by the increased weather protection and the super engine and suspension I had enjoyed on my K1200S machines.


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