K1200S (27 June 07 - 01 Sept 08)

Extra details etc:

Factory fitted options -

Items removed from the 05 bike and fitted to the new bike -


Metzler Sport-tec M1 tyres factory fitted.. nice feeling, but Roadtec Z6 fitted when they required replacement, purely for the additional touring tyre life.

I did not have the ESA on the 05 bike and never altered the pre-load or damping on the rear suspension once I had it set up after acquiring the bike.  However with the ESA on the new bike I find I regularly use the ESA and have noticed quite a difference in the settings:

Service History:-

Date Mileage Details
08-AUG-07 832 Running in Service, all OK, oil and filter changed
09-AUG-07 950 Gear indicator and Neutral light faulty. Replaced under warranty 13-AUG-07 966 miles
22-AUG-07 1,680 Side stand switch faulty (got very wet) causing erroneous signals to the on-board computer which led to misfire and very rough running.  Replaced under warranty
14-SEP-07 3,453 Front and Rear tyres replaced with Metzler Roadtec Z6
07-NOV-07 6,123 6,000 miles service
12-MAY-08 7.373 All three brake discs replaced under warranty Front- surface lifting; rear - warped
16-JUN-08 9,265 Servo brake failure - sticky footbrake lever stopped pre run computer checks! - replaced under warranty
31-JUL-08 10,243 Dipped beam headlamp bulb replaced

Update -

The K1200S is a great machine, however given the recurrence of the warped brake discs on this second machine and the fact the bike was requiring 2 new tyres and just short of its major 12,000 miles service...

I traded the bike into my BMW dealer (John Clark - Tayside) on 1st September 2008 with 10,896 miles on the odometer.  The bike has been re-registered under SP07 AXY with my personal number transferred to the new bike.  During the 14 months I owned the bike I used 1,014 litres of fuel working out as a lifetime averaged fuel consumption of 48.8 m.p.g.  Actually in the latter months the bike was performing very well and regularly returning 52mpg on reasonable runs.

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