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K1200S (16 July 05 - 27 June 07)

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Factory fitted options -

Dealer Supplied -

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Tyres -

Replaced the rear Metzler Sportec M1 tyre at 1831 miles (14-SEP-05) with significant tread depth still on the tyre.  This was to fit a Roadtec Z6 (a more touring orientated tyre giving greater mileage) before embarking on two weeks to Austria (see Austria 2005).  Front tyre replaced at 6,482 miles (20-APR-06) with the Z6 to match the rear. Plenty tread depth on the old M1 tyre at the edges but the centre was flattening off and with about 2,000 miles planned before I headed to Austria at the end of May 06, which added a further 2,500 miles... t'was time to change.  I ended up playing safe and changing the rear Z6 for a new Z6 just before Austria 2006 with 7,727 miles on the odometer. The next tyre replacement took placed at 15,333 miles (13-APR-07) with a new Z6 on the front after 8,851 miles from the previous front Z6.  Then the rear Z6 was replaced at 15,444 miles (19-APR-07) with a new Z6 after 7,717 miles from the previous Z6.

The bike was replaced at the end of June 2007 with 17,855 miles recorded so who ever bought it from the dealer got a good set of Z6's with only 2,522 miles on the front and 2,411 miles on the rear, so at least another +5,000 miles before needing to factor tyre in to the budget.

Problems -

Bike developed starting problems (low battery power) after sitting for 4-weeks during November 2005.  This culminated in a visit to my local dealer where the bike was checked out A1 but the battery although showing 12.5 volts was only delivering 23% of its capacity... not enough to start the bike.  Battery replaced under warranty 20-JAN-06 at 5461 miles.

I had felt that the brakes, which I rarely used, worked well but that they appeared to grip and grip harder in sequence when I was travelling at very slow speed.  This culminated in a couple of high speed speed reductions whilst in Austria where I really felt the bike judder (no not the ABS type judder).  So on my return to Scotland I popped in to my dealer and the bike was checked.  The outcome was front brake discs replaced under warranty due to a slight warp on 08-JUN-06.  I was pleased the matter was dealt with so efficiently but disappointed that the discs needed replaced at 10,456 miles.  Given that I am quite light on the brakes, preferring acceleration sense, I thought I should have got far longer from the discs.

Problem recurred and resulted in another dealer visit in November 2006 with 13,700 miles covered.  3rd set of front discs fitted as well as 2nd set of front brake callipers fitted.  Brakes now smooth again.  Again thanks to John Clark (Tayside) for the prompt work under warranty.  Hopefully this will do the trick as the warranty runs out in July 2007 and I cannot afford to be replacing discs every 3,000 miles.

Update -

Dipped beam bulb (H7) failed and was replaced having been on for 12,789 miles and 14 months

I traded the bike into my BMW dealer (John Clark - Tayside) on 25 June 2007 with 17,855 miles on the odometer.  The bike has been re-registered under SP05 JUW with my personal number transferred to the new bike.  During the 2-years I owned the bike I used 1,692.2 litres of fuel working out as a lifetime averaged fuel consumption of 47.8 m.p.g.

I was regularly asked what I thought of the bike and always said I was pleased, so much so, if I replaced the bike it would be for the same again.  I suppose the "proof of the pudding" is I have done just that... even down to the same colour.

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