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BMW K100RS Special EditionK100RS Special Edition (08 May 2001 - 14 July 2010)

Extra details etc:
This bike is one of the last of the 998cc (8 valve engine) K100RS models. It was produced as a "Special Edition" in the Blue & White BMW Motorsport livery and was supplied with ABS and a colour coded "belly-pan". The bike comes with pannier racks and top box mountings and has a colour-coded BMW top-box with integral pillion back rest and matching BMW panniers (see picture). It is also fitted with two-setting BMW heated grips. A taller screen was fitted by the last owner, however this caused some turbulence to Chris & me at 6' 6" and 6' 4" respectively, so the additional few inches have been removed to bring this to the standard length... without the additional air-flip.

This model was one I had been after for some years. During my ownership of this machine I replaced the following parts through routine maintenance, in addition to servicing (which is not shown below) and with a desire to get the machine into original spec' as I intended keeping this machine for many years to come.  However a call from an ex-colleague, out of the blue led to me selling him the bike in July 2010.  Its a classic, in my eyes, so I hope he looks after it.

 Date Odometer (miles) Item
 13-APR-02 32,400 New Rear Brake Master Cylinder
 27-APR-02 32,550 New Front brake discs with ABS ring
  New Front brake pads and retaining pins
 15-MAR-03 34,280 New K100RS Handlebars - previous owner had fitted wider bars
  New BMW rear suspension unit - damper and spring
 20-OCT-04 36,981 New Rear brake disc
  New Rear brake pads and retaining pins
New Front Tyre (Continental TKV 11 size 100/90)
New Rear  Tyre (Continental TKV 12 size 130/90)
New Fork stanchions and fork seals
11-MAY-06 40,173 New Water/Oil pump housing - original seeping oil
16-MAY-06 40,350 New Rear Tyre (Conti TKV12 130/90 VR 17)
23-FEB-08 44,725 Fit New Battery
27-FEB-08 44,757 New Front Tyre Metzler Lazertec T100/90VR18 
  New Rear  Tyre Metzler Lazertec T130/90VR17
29-FEB-08 44,808 New o/s fork seal - leaking oil
21-MAY-08 45,493 New Clutch pushrod cup and clip fitted - leaking oil
17-FEB-09 45,933 Front Disc Brakes off and skimmed...slight judder - rust
11-FEB-10 47,613 48k Service & Mot
Other than the tyres, all other parts mentioned are genuine BMW parts.


"Without Panniers" - trip north "Fully Dressed" - at home


During the 9 years, 2 months I had the bike the figures are as follows...

Mileage covered - 17,825 miles; using 357 gallons of fuel (= 50 mpg) at a cost of 1,530.  Servicing, tyres and spare parts etc. = 2,606
Not bad for 9 years I think.  460 per year not counting road tax, insurance and depreciation.

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