I became an IAM member in September 1983 and was involved as an IAM Motorcycle Examiner from 1986 to 2014, having carried out tests throughout Scotland as well as a few in Wales and England. Whilst "free time" seemed very limited over the latter years of my police service I have tried to address this since I "retired" with trips around Europe, especially to the Alps, which I love (see below for links) and many miles in the UK.  I try to get out on the bike whenever possible, albeit the waterproofs are put to the test more than the sunglasses!

On 1st August 2006 my IAM role was extended and I became a Motorcycle Staff Examiner, covering Scotland and just into the north of England.  This role saw me looking after all the Senior Observer tests (now superseded by the IMI backed National Observer Assessment) and working with Observers in the various local Groups around the country... as well as the usual IAM tests and talks.  I was also there to visit the various part-time examiners in my area and give them support as well as carrying out Quality Assurance visits, ensuring a uniform test standard is maintained throughout the area.  However the role became all consuming of my time & personal cash, the Chiswick based senior management were changing the direction of the direction of the organisation, away from the reasons I joined... so I stepped down at the end of March 2014.

My son introduced me to Trials Riding (East Neuk Wobblers Club) when he got involved during Spring 2014 and now roles have reversed as I become the student.

I intend adding to these pages (in good time) to reflect motorcycling, through my eyes, covering items such as Advanced Riding, touring and the like.

In the mean time you might like to look at...


Advanced Motorcycling

{short description of image} Advanced Motorcycle Test - Tips 1 {short description of image} Advanced Motorcycle Test - Tips 2
{short description of image} Learning Points & Test FAQ's {short description of image} What the Examiner Expects


Current BMW F900XR TE 2020
Recent Past
{short description of
                  image} BMW K100RS 1989
{short description of image} BMW K1200S 2005
{short description of image} BMW K1200S 2007
{short description of
                  image} BMW K1200R 2006
{short description of image} BMW R1200GS 2008
{short description of
                  image} BMW R1200GS Adventure 2010
{short description of
                  image} BMW K1300GT 2010
{short description of
                  image} BMW R1200GS Adventure 2012

BMW R1200RT 2014

Motorcycle Trips

{short description of image} The Beast meets the Romans One of my "earlier" motorcycling articles
{short description of image} Austria 2005 September 2005
{short description of image} Austria 2006 May 2006
{short description of image} Eastern Europe 2009 September 2009
{short description of
                  image} Austria 2011 September 2011
{short description of
                  image} Europe 2014 June 2014 
{short description of
                  image} Austria 2015 June 2015
{short description of
                  image} Austria 2016 June 2016
Austria 2021 Potential trip to be planned
On our doorstep...


{short description of
                  image} The Bike 2014 St Series Sherco 250
{short description of
                  image} East Neuk Wobblers Club Local Trials Club


 These biking pages are under constant review and will be updated with better text and photographs in due course.

Extract of Photo taken in December 1992 at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh...  the Fife Livery was with an "Orange" stripe but all Forces were re-liveried to blend in with the L&B livery so all 65 bikes looked the same.

Although I have to take care of the running costs and am no longer exempt certain rules of the road, I think I prefer my own BMW to the company's white one... though it was great fun and IMHO a worthwhile job.  I am extremely grateful to the "company," the instructors and my colleagues in the Traffic Department, for all the assistance I received over the years.  I am especially grateful to my late friend and instructor "The Bear" who is sadly missed and fondly remembered.


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