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National Championships 2005

The Irish E Boat National Championships were held in Clontarf Yacht&Boat Club, Dublin, between 15th and 17th July. A very competitive fleet of 13 boats attended and the racing was close and hard fought. The Friday night race was held inside the harbour and boats struggled with light winds to finish the offset course. The race was won eventually by Escapade (155), with Easy Rider (252) 2nd and the new comers WyleE CoyoteE (152) 3rd.

Saturday began with no wind whatsoever out in Dublin Bay and it looked for a while that we might not get a race started at all. Then, the wind filled in from the Bailey and Ian Sargent (O.o.d) quickly got things under way. We got a finish to the first offset course with Escapade (155) again first, Easy Go (1280) (Skerries S.C.) a good 2nd and OctopussE (127) 3rd. We were quickly set off on the next offset course and Escapade (155) came in first from Emotion (169) 2nd and Heatwave (19) 3rd. The final race of the day was a longer Olympic course and after some very close racing Escapade (155) crossed the line first with OctopussE (127) close behind and Heatwave (19) next. We adjourned to the bar for some much needed R+R. (and a great Bar-B-Q laid on by Eric Durken and Co) washed down with a couple of pints.

Sunday was again a beautiful day with light winds on the Bay and the Sun beaming down. Very pleasant sailing conditions.

The first race was a close run event with WyleE CoyoteE (152) just finishing ahead of Escapade (155) with OctopussE (127) in 3rd place. The final race of the series took place with the waves and winds rising and we had some interesting near misses and broaches on the fairly long Olympic course.

OctopussE (127), last year’s winner, came into her own and finished a good first with Escapade (155) 2nd and WyleE CototeE(152) 3rd.

The Series was won by Escapade with 6 points, OctopussE 2nd with 15 points and the visiting boat Easy Go (1280) a very good 3rd with 19 points. 


Ray Wall
E Boat Class Capt.




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Here is a photo of the winner of the Lambay Island Race held at Howth Yacht Club on Saturday 11th June 2005. The winning E Boat was Eagre (sail 7927) helmed by Larry Meany.
Racing E's Six of the E-Boat fleet battling it out, heading for the windward mark during the 1996 Nationals at Port Edgar...

U.K. 1997 National Championships at Port Edgar
1997 winner was "Eagle."

2000 Round the Isle of Wight Race E-boat Results

This year there was a record entry of over 1700 boats, including 5 E-boats, all entered in the ISC handicap class.

The weather was fine and sunny with SW winds, beginning at around force 3 and increasing to 5/6 by the afternoon. The start was a nice beat towards the Needles in light winds, which suited the E-boats well. Around the Needles the spinnakers came out on a pleasant broad reach. By St Catherine's point the wind was noticeably increasing and some care was required keeping the spinnaker under control. The wind increased further towards Bembridge Ledge Buoy and most people were glad to see the last of their spinnakers here as they turned for the beat back up the Solent. The last leg was a pretty lively stretch to windward against both the tide and the chop. Several E-boats reported "exciting" moments on the way around but all managed to finish.

Below are the E-boat results. There was no E-boat class entry and boats were not racing under E-boat class rules, however, here are the official elapsed times and details:-

 Boat  Number  Time Position  Owner
 Ecosse  E-120  10:13:47 1  Joe Chamberlain
 Eagle  E-270  10:30:13 2  Mike Holder
 Esprit De Mer  E-15  10:50:33 3  Malcolm Ladd
 Craze-E-Shark  E-258  10:52:15 4  Kev Darling
 Egret  E-175  11:04:53 5  John Bedford

Hoya Round the Island Race 2001- Race Report

Last weekend saw the 65th "Round the Isle of Wight" race for the Gold Roman Bowl. Only 3 E-Boats entered this year, E-120 Ecosse, E-175 Egret and E-250 Eureka. Eureka made the journey all the way from Morecambe Bay especially for the race.

On board Ecosse we opted for the no.2 head sail and full main at the outset, as it was gusting strongly before the start and the forecast was for quite a lot of wind. In the event, the start was rather slow, beating into a SW towards The Needles - we would have benefited a lot from the no.1 - at least for the first hour and a half. Once past Hurst Castle, the wind increased and we were glad to have the no.2 on. By The Needles, the sea was getting quite choppy and very few boat risked taking the short-cut close in to the light house - perhaps the sight of two RNLI boats patrolling around the spot added to the general sense of caution. The next leg was a fine reach towards St Catherine's and the skys opened - but we were making good progress about a mile off the land (even if we could not see it in the rain some of the time). The seas were really lumping up along the south of the Island and by the time we turned the corner for the run back down to Bembridge Ledge buoy, there were some big rollers. The wind was now almost astern and it was time to think about the spinnaker - however, the rolling sea was making it hard to steer even under plain sail and it was gusting force 6. Surprisingly few people bothered at all, probably less than 20% of the fleet. We attempted to hoist our spin, but after some wild broaches, abandoned the exercise. Eureka also tried, several times, but they could not get the rig to hold together, so they, too, resorted to goose-winging with a poled-out jib. Even without the spin we saw our personal record speed flash up on the log - 9.4 - as we surfed down a wave, but the 7-to-8 knot region was more normal. The last leg home was a long beat back up the Solent to the finish in about a force 4-to-5.

It was generally a windy race - which saw both the Multi-hull and Mono-hull records being broken (3:08:29 and 4:05:40 respectively) and we made our own personal fasted lap, more than an hour faster than last year. Another great race - everyone should give it a try... Here are the E-Boat elapsed times. There was no E-Boat class entry and this was not run under E-Boat class rules.

 Ecosse   E-120 9:07:04 Joe Chamberlain
 Eureka   E-250 9:35:28 Keith Byers
 Egret   E-175 retired John Bedford

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