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04 July 2004


SEEADLER - The Canadian E-Boat

Gooday all. I just wanted to drop a note and photos to the E-Boat community and try and determine if SEEADLER has any relatives in Canada.

From my research to date I believe that Seeadler is the only e-boat across the Atlantic. I was told that the name means SEA EAGLE. EH!

{short description of image}

I have attached some photos of SEEADLER after it was modified and lengthened by 2 feet and remodeled into a cruiser. Regretfully the author of these very excellent enhancement passed away . I am indeed fortunate to be the third owner of E-Boat #163 and grateful for the kind lady who understood my passion for sailing and allowed me to purchase her. I am in my second season and leaning about the vessels characteristics each time I take her out. I am gaining confidence with this extremely versatile and seaworthy vessel.with each sail outing.

I am often one of the only people out in a blow.EH! She is responsive and simple to sail single-handed or with a willing crew. Photos show her dressed up for the Stormont Yacht Club season opening sail past in May, 2004 and on July 1 CANADA Day heading out to see the fireworks.

{short description of image}
{short description of image}

Last photo is me getting ready for the first sail of the season in May 2004. The only thing that really irks me so far is this boats penchant for picking up weeds on the centerboard and slowing me down.....a real problem when racing.....any ideas out there?

Cheers All
Paul Brunette
Cornwall, Ontario Canada

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