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The following article has been submitted by Bouke van den Booren, the owner of E-240, "Erwtje." You can use e-mail to contact Bouke.



E-240 story

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Erwtje, after the son of Popeye. I was born in 1981 by Rock and Run yachts in Scotland. I was immigrated to Holland when I was still a little E. I was too little to remember my first Dutch 'father'. But I do remember my second: He was a fine man who took good care of me. After about 6 years (with not much sail hours) he realised his family did not like to sail and decided to sell me. At that moment the thought slipped his mind, his nephew Bouke was willing to adopt me.

In April 1999 he brought me to my new bedroom at the H.Z.V. (Haarlemse Zeil Vereniging) in Haarlem.

From that moment my quiet life was over, I had to sail again! (And not only at 28 degrees Celsius and 3 bf.) Even when my anti slip blows off, the spinnaker went up! It is hard work, but I do enjoy it!

With a lot of pride I sail again. Faster and higher than most of my 22ft colleagues, or even the longer ones. Oh, you should see the look on their bows!

Anyway, I hope to meet a lot of brothers and sisters in the next years.

Best sail regards,

Erwtje.Erwtje Racing

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